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VoltH2 is a group of privately-held companies, registered in the Netherlands, dedicated to the origination and development of green and clean Hydrogen infrastructure projects in Western Europe.

VoltH2 seeks to identify, analyze, secure, and develop a cluster of strategic locations suitable for the installation of green hydrogen production, storage and distribution facilities.

VoltH2’s Team have decades of experience in operating and financing energy-related projects around the globe. Our launching project in the Port of Vlissingen marks the start of an exciting journey in a fast-moving market that is predicted to grow exponentially over the next five to ten years. 


VoltH2 signs cooperation agreement with North Sea Port for the development of a green hydrogen plant.

PRESS RELEASE VoltH2 and North Sea Port

August 28, 2020

Project Scope

VoltH2 plans to build an initial 25 MW green hydrogen production plant, using electrolysers powered only by renewable energy sources.

The facility will have dedicated hydrogen storage and access to multimodal transport systems to support the distribution of H2 beyond the immediate locality.

VoltH2 will assess the potential to install an onsite H2 fueling station for the supply of hydrogen directly to lorries, trucks and other vehicles.

The project will be designed to be scalable in phases, up to a target of 100MW by 2030.

Strategic Location In Vlissingen Port

Adjacent to the Sloecentral Powerplant

Potential to supply green hydrogen to the powerplant via a dedicated pipeline, to be consumed either as a blend component to the existing natural gas supply, or in future, as a replacement green fuel to support the powering of the  2 x 435MW CCGT.

Proximity to the Electricity Grid

VoltH2's project location is less than 3000 metres from the ground station of Tennet (the national high voltage grid operator), and this is also where the sea cable from  Orsted’s offshore wind parks are connected to the 380KV grid.

Proximity to the Gas Grid

Gasunie, the national grid operator, has their high-call gas grid connector within  500 metres of the VoltH2 project location. VoltH2 will investigate the potential to create a partnership for the future transportation of green hydrogen gas produced at site.




Our team

Andre Jurres 

Founder and Managing Director

André Jurres has a technical and marketing background. He has over 30 years of professional experience in the areas of media, multimedia, telecommunications and energy. He specialized in handling multimedia turnkey projects in the early part of his career, thereafter headed construction and engineering groups for telecom companies such as TeliaSonera, Belgacom and KPN mobile. In November 2001, André founded WattPlus (later known as Essent Belgium) to start selling energy on the Belgian market and actively work towards the successful liberalization of the Belgian energy market

Arron Smyth


Substantial deal origination, business development and relationship management expertise. Multiple sector experience, including mining, oil & gas, agri, renewables. Previously held positions as Director and investment manager of an independent asset management firm 2008-2013; consultant for Africa-focussed agri development business 2013-2015; origination and corporate advisory at a boutique merchant bank specialising in natural resources between 2015-2019; Board advisor to U.S. based hybrid wind & solar tech startup since 2018. Managing Director of UK-based management consultancy business since 2015.


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