VoltH2, DIF Capital Partners and Virya Energy join forces in green hydrogen

21 June, 2022

Bergen-op-Zoom, the Netherlands, June 21, 2022 – Green hydrogen developer VoltH2 is selling a majority stake to Virya Energy and DIF Capital Partners. The two new shareholders, both active in green energy production, innovation and sustainable investments, are bringing additional capital and expertise to VoltH2 to accelerate the development of European green hydrogen production capacity.

VoltH2 was founded in 2020 by experienced energy entrepreneur André Jurres and already received permits for two production sites in Vlissingen and Terneuzen, with detailed plans being developed for a site in Delfzijl. Together, these plants have a capacity of 75 MW which can gradually be scaled up to 250 MW. The planned capacity makes VoltH2 a leading player in Europe. The new partnership with DIF Capital Partners and Virya Energy will help VoltH2 to realise its first green hydrogen production facilities and further expand the pipeline.

In order to realise the ambitions of the European Green Deal, fossil fuels need to be replaced by renewable energy sources. Green hydrogen will complement the clean energy mix with much needed flexibility. According to a study performed by energy consultant DNV (2022)1, hydrogen is expected to make up 15% of the energy mix by 2050. This represents an investment of approximately €6.5 trillion. Especially in high polluting sectors, the further development of green hydrogen is essential to achieving the required sustainability. VoltH2 is fully committed to this evolution by developing key green hydrogen production capacity.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, DIF Capital Partners globally invests in infrastructure companies and projects. ESG and the energy transition are an integral part of DIF’s investment strategies and existing investment portfolios.

Gijs Voskuyl, Partner at DIF Capital Partners, explains the investment in VoltH2: “We see signs of significant demand increase for green hydrogen on the short and medium term. As an investor with a strong footprint and ongoing focus within the energy transition space, we aim to play a role in this fast growing and capital intensive market and believe VoltH2 as well as Virya Energy are excellent partners to realise these growth ambitions. This investment contributes to the ongoing decarbonisation of the economy, in line with DIF’s net zero target.”

Belgian holding company Virya Energy and VoltH2 have already been engaged in a first collaboration for the green hydrogen plant in Terneuzen. Through a further collaboration with VoltH2 and DIF Capital Partners, Virya Energy aims to contribute to sustainable industrial processes, sustainable mobility and more flexible energy production.

Paul Tummers, CEO of Virya Energy: “To date, we have built more than 1 GW of renewable production capacity. For us, green hydrogen is an important vector for decarbonising our economy and society in the long term. Through this collaboration, we can exchange knowledge with three parties, based on our respective expertise, and make use of our scale to expand the necessary capacity faster and more efficiently, thus contributing to the energy transition.”

André Jurres, Managing Director of VoltH2, concludes: “This investment attests to the confidence in green hydrogen and in the growth of VoltH2. With the involvement of DIF Capital Partners and Virya Energy, we can anchor VoltH2 locally, achieve our ambitions and play a crucial role in the European energy market and energy transition.

[1] DNV: Hydrogen forecast to 2050 – Energy transition outlook 2022.