10 MW
Start of construction
Operational as of

We have started working with TÜV Nord Group on the creation of a hydrogen plant in Essen (Germany). Our joint project will contribute to the development of green hydrogen fuelling stations and electrolysers in the Rhine Ruhr region and is part of the German HyPerformer II programme.

Under the current planning, the production of green hydrogen should begin in the year 2026. We will erect production units with a capacity of around 10 MW on a surface area of 5,000 m2 in Essen-Frillendorf. 

We wanted to establish a project with a high degree of sustainability. Therefore our partner EE Energy Engineers, part of TÜV Group Nord, analysed how the waste heat generated by our electrolyser can be fed into the district heating network (Iqony).

We aim at H2Mobility as one of our potential customers. With over 80 filling stations, it today serves a large part of the German market and is already Europe’s largest hydrogen refuelling company.

Essen will also be our base for Germany. We set up a GmbH at the beginning of 2023 and opened an office in Essen in April 2023. From now on, we will manage our current and future German projects from the German Ruhr region.