Capacity at start-up
50 MW
Scalable to
100 MW
Start of construction works

In Delfzijl, part of Groningen Seaports, we are developing a third location for green hydrogen. With this 50 MW factory we can contribute to the necessary acceleration of the energy transition of the industry in East Groningen.

Groningen Seaports profiles itself through various green hydrogen projects as one of the leading hydrogen hubs in the Netherlands. In a relatively short time, we concluded an agreement with the port for the use of a three-hectare site. Logistically, the location is very attractive: close to an arterial road with a TeNNeT high-voltage substation on one side and a water purification station that can eventually use one of our residual products – oxygen – on the other. The plant will produce green hydrogen through electrolysis, using green electricity from wind energy. 

There are many companies with a great need for hydrogen in and around this port. Samenwerkende Bedrijven Eemsdelta (SBE), an association of more than a hundred companies, is embracing the arrival of green hydrogen. The industry uses the hydrogen as a green raw material. Local production helps existing companies to become more sustainable and makes the region attractive for new companies. The same mindset can be found at the IndustrieCluster Oost Groningen, which unites seven production companies in the Veendam region. Ultimately, they would like to connect to the backbone of Hynetwork Services, the hydrogen infrastructure branch of Gasunie. The CO₂ emissions could also be reduced earlier by mixing green hydrogen with natural gas, for example for the heat processes of these production companies. In addition, direct supply via a pipeline between VoltH2 and the IndustrieCluster Oost-Groningen is also being considered.