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About Us


“To develop scalable green Hydrogen production infrastructure at multiple strategic locations in Western Europe, deploying only proven and tested technologies to ensure deliverability within an embryonic but rapidly expanding sector”.

Launching project: Port of Vlissingen, The Netherlands.


VoltH2 Operating B.V. (“VoltH2”) is a privately-owned limited liability company registered in the Netherlands, dedicated to the origination and development of green Hydrogen production infrastructure projects.

The Company

Launching Project

Our launching project in the Port of Vlissingen, the Netherlands, will mark the beginning of VoltH2’s plan to capitalise on its ability to move fast and efficiently within an embryonic but rapidly expanding industry that is predicted to grow exponentially over the next 5 to 10 years.

Expansion Strategy

VoltH2 will seek to identify, analyse and secure a network of strategic locations in Western Europe, that will support the development of green hydrogen production infrastructure. VoltH2 will endeavour to create strategic joint ventures and operating partnerships to support operations and scalability.


Our goal at VoltH2 is to identify, secure, analyze, finance and develop a cluster of select locations that will support the operations of green hydrogen production and distribution as part of local, regional and national efforts to decarbonise. 

VoltH2’s Team has decades of experience in operating and financing energy-related projects around the globe. Our launching project in the Port of Vlissingen marks the start of an exciting journey in a fast-moving market that is predicted to grow exponentially over the next ten years.

VoltH2 Launching Project


An initial 10-25MW green hydrogen production facility, using electrolyzers powered only by renewable energy sources.
This facility will have dedicated storage and access to multimodal transport systems to support the distribution and transhipment of H2, and will include an onsite H2 fuelling station for the supply of green hydrogen directly to transportation employed at the Port and wider Region.
The facility will be designed to be scalable in phases, up to a target of 100MW by2030.

Securing of Additional Project Locations

VoltH2 will identify and secure additional strategic sites within Europe, for the development of green hydrogen infrastructure.
European Countries such as Germany, Switzerland, the UK and those within the Benelux are leading a global ambition to create an economically feasible green hydrogen economy in support of a progressive move away from a reliance on fossil fuels, contributing to a reduction in carbon emissions.

Prospective Partners

VoltH2 will seek to form strategic partnerships that will support long-term power supply and H2 off-take commitments at each facility.
For the launching project in Vlissingen, negotiations are already underway with two major industry partners located within the Benelux that have expressed interest in undertaking a joint feasibility study.
The prospective partners have capacity to provide VoltH2 with a dedicated input of renewable power generated from large offshore wind parks and to support output via a long-term H2 off-take commitment.

VoltH2 Strategy:
Vertically integrated business model

The delivery of a 10-25MW green hydrogen production plant is achievable in todays market using only proven technology. A recent comparable project located in the Port of Zeebrugge in Belgium, also of up to 25MW, has just completed a full feasibility study with construction

expected to begin in 2021, and operations to come online in 2023.

It is necessary to store hydrogen at a high density through compression in order to reduce the footprint of the storage facility. Storage technology for H2 is evolving rapidly and the type of storage infrastructure deployed will be heavily influenced by the intended end-use and should consider the mode in which the stored hydrogen will be transported (i.e. pipeline, truck, rail or barge). VoltH2 will investigate storage solutions that best suit the specificity of each project location.

The Revenue model is expected to comprise of several streams, generated from each component of the project vertical. H2 sales will be subject to individual off-take agreements. 

Modular technology is available for progressive expansion of fuelling capacity and to cater for a range of vehicle specifications. VoltH2 will be conducting investigations into design configuration and integration with onsite production and H2 storage as part of its technical study at each location.

Multi-stream Revenue Potential

Green Hydrogen Production

H2 Storage

H2 Fueling Station

Our team

Andre Jurres 

Founder and Managing Director

André Jurres has a technical and marketing background. He has over 30 years of professional experience in the areas of media, multimedia, telecommunications and energy. He specialized in handling multimedia turnkey projects in the early part of his career, thereafter headed construction and engineering groups for telecom companies such as TeliaSonera, Belgacom and KPN mobile. In November 2001, André founded WattPlus (later known as Essent Belgium) to start selling energy on the Belgian market and actively work towards the successful liberalization of the Belgian energy market. From September 2002 until September 2006, he was CEO of Essent Belgium.  In 2008 he co-founded NPG energy, a company active in sustainable energy production.  

Arron Smyth


Substantial deal origination, business development and relationship management expertise. Multiple sector experience, including mining, oil & gas, agri, renewables. Previously held positions as Director and investment manager of an independent asset management firm 2008-2013; consultant for Africa-focussed agri development business 2013-2015; origination and corporate advisory at a boutique merchant bank specialising in natural resources between 2015-2019; Board advisor to U.S. based hybrid wind & solar tech startup since 2018. Managing Director of UK-based management consultancy business since 2015.

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